You Only Turn 70 Once…

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. Yesterday was amazing. My granddaughter, Rhiannon, and her boyfriend, Will, were here from Dallas and brought me flowers and a secret 🤫. My daughter, Autumn, and husband, Rob, threw me a fabulous party at their beautiful home after just getting back from a summer in Colorado. I’m just sorry we didn’t get pictures of all the lights and decorations. My sister, Sherry, and her husband, Tom, came in from Ponca City after just attending their granddaughter’s wedding in New York. Many of my of beloved friends were there. But my son, Zach, couldn’t make it because he was in the oil fields in Ardmore and didn’t have his truck… we thought. It was such a surprise for everyone when he showed up. Everyone but Rhiannon who knew. According to her, she’s the only one in the family that can keep a secret. I think she might be right. I just can’t thank everyone enough. What an awesome way to turn 70!!

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