An Amazing Featured Author from OKRWA

Each month, we will feature one of our OKRWA members, so you can get to know them. Please welcome this month’s featured author, Alicia Dean, with her latest release and mini-interview:

Love Breaks

These stories are a little lighter than my usual Dark and Creepy fare. Hope you enjoy!

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1 – If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Write SOMETHING every day, even if it’s only a sentence.

2 – Name 5 favorite movies
Gone with the Wind, Mystic River, Dead Man Down, Imitation of Life, One of Elvis’ movies, although it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Probably Change of Habit or Jailhouse Rock.

3 – What do you dislike that most people like? What do you like that most people dislike?
I know it’s odd, but I dislike the Muppets. I find them annoying and not funny at all. I love cold, snowy, or rainy weather. I would be happy to never have another sunny day.

4 – If you could go to the past or future, where would you stay and why?
As far as actual ‘history/past’ I would go to the fifties when Elvis was just rising to stardom. As far as my life, I would go to when my children were young and my parents and brother were alive and healthy.

5 – If you could date any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Living, it would be Colin Farrell. Yummmmm. Not only is he sexy, he’s funny and I bet he’d be a blast to hang out with.

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