Past, Posts, Birthdays and Life Changes

Today is my beautiful daughter Autumn’s 42nd birthday. Indulge me while a share a few past posts on Facebook, and life changes…

The above picture is from yesterday, when we (Daughter, Autumn…Son, Zach and I) visited my granddaughter’s (Rhiannon-the blonde in the middle) new apartment at Oklahoma University in Norman Oklahoma. How time goes by so quickly.

To my Daughter Autumn Abernathy:

From 5 years ago:

Today is my daughter’s birthday. I am so proud of her and my family and grateful we could all be together last night to celebrate. Today, she is taking time off to be with Michael and Rhiannon. I hope she has a wonderful day.

Things in the universe are shifting…each person has their own universe. In our case, we have been eliminating the negative and trying to move forward, pray, believe and trust that everything is happening as it should, be grateful for what we have, and pay attention to all the signs. We’ve been battling medical problems, broken hearts and so much more, just like everyone else. The Lord knows we’ve all got problems: hearts that need mending, tears that need drying, bodies that need healing, bills that need paying……

Autumn finally sold her China from her very negative marriage, we’ve sold furniture back to my very negative ex (it kind of makes us smile for him to buy his own stuff back–ah, small pleasures), we’ve gotten a new broker for the pickles and we’re getting in more Homelands, we’re doing a trade on some major advertising, we’ve already got holiday basket orders, and I am back in touch with my New Orleans connections.

I had thought after the IRS trial and there being no resolution, that I would have to give up plans to live between here and the Big Easy. But in my absence, inability to make a decision or function, and confusion, people there have been working behind the scenes to help us. God bless those friends!

Whatever your problems, keep moving, be positive and know that there are things working for you in the universe, even if you don’t see them, they’re there working behind the scenes….look for the signs. Eliminate negativity (lies are one of the biggest forms of the negative) and know that you are loved and never alone. God is always with you. And if someone wants to control you–run like hell!! Listen to your heart, not anyone else’s negativity…….

From 2 Years ago:

Happy 40th Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Autumn McCall. As parents, we all know something magical happens and we’ll never be the same once our first child is born. There is no love like the love we have for our children. My grandfather, Harley Bozeman used to say love flows downward…those are the wisest words I’ve ever heard. I am so proud of my children. My daughter is gorgeous inside and out, a wonderful mother, sister, daughter and friend…Here’s to 40 of the happiest years of my life!!!! Happy birthday, Autumn!

Happy 41st birthday to wonderful, beautiful daughter, Autumn Abernathy! A year ago today, I had the honor of watching Rob Abernathy get down on one knee and propose to you. Now you’re a married woman so happy and in love…and I couldn’t be happier for you. I love you, Zach Mccall and Rhiannon Elizabeth with all my heart and though there have been many changes I’ve had to get used to, your all’s happiness is the most important thing I could ask for. I’m so ecstatically happy and proud of all of you. Happy, Happy Birthday, my little girl!

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and wedding
Today, she is beginning her travels for the next three weeks…we’ll miss her but are so happy she and her husband are able to have such a wonderful experience! Happy birthday, baby girl!
And as a happy change to things…I’m going home to New Orleans for my birthday. I can’t wait to see my dear friends who are like family to me…It’ll be interesting to see what adventures we conjure up…Life happens, it changes and it is good! I am so grateful and blessed! And so I write…
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