Create, have fun and smile!

I saw this post from a fellow writer in an author’s group and it was an ah-ha moment. To the biznatch who asked me, “Don’t you wish you’d spent more time developing your mind and intelligence instead of your creativity?” I believe she was hinting that I’d have more money and that I wasn’t intelligent…here’s my answer! Along with…without creativity, we’d have nothing. Humph!

Just touching base with a little post from a few years ago. Have a great week!

I was asked last night why I was smiling and why I looked so “up” and happy with everything that’s been going on in my life. I smile because I can. I’m happy because I can be. I’m grateful for all the blessings God’s given me, for all that I have, for my family and friends. I live in the now, because I might not have a tomorrow. I understand that when I smile it makes me feel better and might just touch another person’s life when they smile back.

I look at negative people who complain, judge, criticize and I think how very sad, delusional and miserable their lives must be. I smile because it makes me feel positive. If I don’t and if I’m unhappy and miserable then anyone or any entity that has ever lied, cheated, caused me pain or harmed me or a loved one has won. And I’m not a loser. I’m a fighter and survivor and I won’t let my spirit be taken or damaged.

So, how about it folks, try smiling no matter what’s going on in your life. Your smile just might make you feel better and you never know what good it might do someone else. And be able to laugh at yourself–don’t worry be happy and have a very blessed day.

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